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Mavic cosmic carbon Rim road cycle stickers bicycle wheel wheel bike wheel Decals decoration

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mavic crossride mountain wheel set rim sticker original size inkjet version

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About sizeSticker size original template, 26", 27.5", 29" size can be selectedTherefore, please leave a message to note the color you want when you take the photo.If there is no note, the shop will send the default white styleThere are 12 pieces for ..

mavic CXR 60 c rim road bike wheel set stickers 60mm high carbon bicycle circle wheels decals

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  Sticker description!1. This wheel set sticker is based on the original knife ring coating, and the size is basically the same.If you change the color of the original rim, you can buy it directly, and other cutter rims are suitable for 60C cu..

mavic ELLIPES highway 30 c rim brake wheel group bicycle circle stickers decoration

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Renault Reynolds 46 road bicycle stickers for 46/46 / carbon rims circle wheel 50 box diy

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1. Based on the original knife ring coating, the size is basically the same, and the sticker width is 36mm; as long as your pasteable width is greater than or equal to this value, it is generally suitable for 46/47/50 knife rings;2. We provide 4 colo..

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