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BORA WTO 45 DISC road wheel set of CP group one bicycle knife laps carbon coating sticker

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C25 wheelset turning circle stickers stickers highway Reflective hollow out version

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The sticker width of C25 is 15mm, which is suitable for wheels with a sticker width of 15mm or more. For example: ocr series, fcr series, and Merida's ride series, millions.The stickable width of the wheel set can be measured with a ruler; 贴法..

C50 old classic wheelset turning circle sticker DA circle stickers stickers highway

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stickers used XERO XERO knife circle sticker road wheel set of 50 circle stickers

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We have provided you with the following color chart. We have tried our best to improve the color difference problem, but different monitors and personal understanding of colors are different, so the following pictures are for reference only. If you h..

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