Applicable ROVAL CL64 carbon road car stickers knife circle wheel Hollow out version match degree is 95%

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Note: 1. This sticker is made of the lightning ROVAL CL64 wheel set, and the size is consistent with the coverage of 95%. Since the original wheel set is not a sticker, it cannot be removed, only covered, and there will be a small amount that cannot ..

Apply circle stickers ROVAL mountain bike wheel Old hollow out carve picture version

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  Price for one car, two wheels and four sidesWaterproof, strong adhesion, no fading, no warping.Pay special attention: the left and right sides of this sticker wheel set are symmetrical, pay attention to distinguish the direction when sticking; a..

Apply roval cl40 circle stickers on the new road wheel group roval carbon rim 40 c brake with stickers

Orders (472)

 Sticker description!1. The original wheel set is painted with water label, so it cannot be removed. If you paste it, the coverage is about 90%, you know!2. We provide 6 colors to choose from, if you need, you can leave a message or contact customer ..

Apply roval classic post spray roval mountain bike circle mountain bike wheel cut one version

Orders (231)

  Sticker description!1. Suitable for aluminum rim disc brakes of mountain bikes, with a sticker width of 2cm;2. We provide 5 colors to choose from. If you need, you can leave a message or contact customer service~3. The price of the sticker is ..

Apply ROVAL CLX 40 road wheel set sticker carbon knife circle rims waterproof sticker glossy veneer

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Apply ROVAL CLX64 road car stickers knife circle wheel carbon circle changing color match degree is 95%

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Circle stickers for mountain bike ROVAL mountain bike wheel Sticker width is 25 mm

Orders (182)

The width of the sticker of the new roval control is 25mm, which means that the height of your frame is greater than or equal to 25mm. Please be aware that the frame height of most mountain bikes in the Mainland is 20mm;Price for one car, two wheels ..

For road bikes ROVAL CL50 rim stickers C circle circle wheel brake disc brake 50 knife circle sticker steam

Orders (256)

 Sticker description!1. This wheel set sticker is based on the original knife ring coating, and the size is basically the same.If you change the color of the original rim, you can buy it directly (with 90% coverage), and other tool rims are suitable ..

For road bikes ROVAL CL60 rim carbon wheelset stickers

Orders (149)

Description: 1. This wheel set sticker is based on the lightning ROVAL CL 60 wheel set sticker. The size is basically the same. If the original rim changes color, please clear the original sticker and paste it. It is suitable for all 60 laps; C brake..

For road bikes ROVAL CLX 32 road bike carbon circle wheel rims stickers stickers CLX wheel

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For road bikes ROVAL CLX50 rim changing color stick sticker carbon circle circle circle wheel

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Mountain bike roval control SL - 29 inches to 25 mm gradient wheel bike decorative stickers

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stickers for ROVAL CLX 40 carbon stickers bicycle rim wheelset road bike

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Description: 1. This sticker is made of the Lightning ROVAL CLX 40 wheel set. The width of the sticker is 28mm, which is suitable for the frame height of 40 or 45mm wheel set, which is usually said to be 40mm rims or 45 mm; (50mm rims are added. Stic..

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